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Columbarium Butscheid

Aachen 2020


The free-standing burial circle in the crypt symbolises the community of the dead, facing east towards the atrium and the eternal resting place, the Aeternum.

A large ring of light with a diameter of 10m follows the architecture and bathes the urns in a soft, diffuse and dimmable light; the centre of the room as a place of silence is enlivened by the reflected light. Spotlights with different beam angles, soft or precise light cones set lighting accents in the surrounding intermediate space.

In cooperation with:

Architects: Dipl. Ing. Eva von der Stein
Photographer: Silvia M. Wolf, LVR Office for Monument Preservation

Special luminaires from the Dinnebier Licht manufactory : Ocular Spot, Surrounding light ring