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Dinnebier Licht

Solingen 2019


In September 2019, we moved into new premises in Solingen for our exclusive Licht im Raum collection, our holistic manufacturing facility planned according to Bauhaus standards. The entire technical planning of the new building was carried out by the Dinnebier Licht team in close coordination. Light-flooded, spacious studios and workshops are now the ideal working environment for our main focus on professional lighting design and the manufacture of Licht im Raum brand products.

In new surroundings, our team of interior designers and lighting planners carries out the planning of public and private building projects as well as the lighting of historical buildings and churches. For our workshop too, a completely new layout was developed together with the workshop management so that all work processes, from product design to semi-finished product production and assembly, are perfectly coordinated.

We are particularly proud of our large photovoltaic system on the roof - which generates more energy than is consumed in the building. In addition to the new intelligent structure of the work areas, which neatly separates handicraft production and final assembly, this allows us to meet the sustainability goals of our company: ecological and social, in technology and design Made in Solingen, Germany.

Our project is completed by the elegant showroom, where the entire Licht im Raum collection is presented and offered as part of a factory sale.

In cooperation with:

client: Daniel Klages
architect: A3 Architekten, Berlin / Duesseldorf and GKB Leichlingen
photographer: Udo Kowalski