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Old Synagogue
"House of Jewish culture"

Essen 2010


The light as an architectural accompaniment supports the variable use of the central space through different lighting scenes. Accompanied by changing daylight and artificial light, the atmosphere is changing with the use of the room. This enhances the liveliness of the new cultural venue. In the adjacent exhibition areas, the light was designed to be reserved and supportive, so that the partially animated exhibition areas can be perfectly experienced.

In cooperation with:

architect: Lothar Jeromin, Essen
realization: real estate industry of Essen, Stephanie Frevel, Simone Raskob
exhibition planning: Lorenzo Piqueras, Paris, Jürgen Steiner, Wuppertal, Medienzentrum Rheinland, Dr. Edna Brocke
competition: Nattler Architekten, Essen, 2nd Award in 2006
photographer: Dirk Krüll