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Solingen 1904/1995/2009


The Lichtturm in Solingen is a nationally known building for holding seminars and workshops as well as a cultural venue for music, readings, theatre and much more. Built in 1904 as a water tower for the town of Gräfrath, the first major conversion was realised in 1995 with the erection of the steel and glass dome by Johannes Dinnebier. In 2009, the technical equipment was adapted to today's use by installing a geothermal heating system and a modern bus system to control the building. The tower also serves as a showroom for the Light in Space collection and displays special sizes, prototypes and applications.

In cooperation with:

client: Jule Dinnebier
architect: Scheven, Duesseldorf ; Figge, Wuppertal and A3 Architekten, Berlin / Duesseldorf
photos: Dirk Krüll, Udo Kowalski