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Zülpicher Tor

Nideggen 2010


The extension of the Zülpicher Tor breaks away from the historic building shell. Its copper-coloured soffit connects the interior and exterior. In this way, the uniformly designed light also flows from the inside to the outside. Light reflections on the ceiling make the copper material glow. The warm lighting atmosphere is reflected in the old sandstone façade. At the same time, a light gap is created between the historic and new building fabric. In this way, material and light create distance and closeness at the same time.

In cooperation with:

architect: kalhöfer - korschildgen, cologne
project management: Tobias Roth
competition: U. Wallner, I. Gaethgens, M. Rogmans
supporting structure: Jürgen Bernhardt, cologne
photographer: Jörg Hempel